BAKERSFIELD COMIC-CON Comic Book and Fantasy shows  

2014 Costume Fun at "BAKERSFIELD COMIC-CON"

Bakersfield Only 2 DAY COMIC-CON
1442 So. P St., Bakersfield, CA
Bakersfield's Orignal Comic Book Show!

SUNDAY. NOVEMBER 12/13, 2016
Sat. 10:00am TO 6:30pm/ Sun. 10am TO 5pm

Adults 15 and UP-
$15.00 for Sat.
$10.00 for Sun.
$20.00 for BOTH DAYS

Kids 8 to 14-
$5.00 a Day
$8.00 for BOTH DAYS (Children under 8yrs are Free)


$2.00 OFF Each ADULT Admission with A Donation of 2 Can Goods OR 1 Unopened Tooth Brush (You are welcome to donate more if you want).

Come join the fun and excitement of the Kern County's Biggest and Best 1 Day Comic Book and Fantasy Convention.



Call Us At (661)829-2962

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Thank You to our Show Supporters...


THANK YOU BAKERSFIELD COMIC-CON FANS FOR AN AMAZING 2015 SHOW! WE BROKE OUR ATTENDANCE RECORS BY 1000 FANS! WE CANNOT THANK YOU ALL FOR THE LOVE & SUPPORT. NOW ONTO 2016...2 DAYS, 2 BUILDINGS, DOUBLE THE GUESTS, DOUBLE THE EXHIBITORS, DOUBLE THE PROGRAMMING...DOUBLE THE FUN! The Biggest Complaint for 2105 show was "It Was Too Crowded" So we have layed out floors with wider isles and will go to 2 Bulidings, and we will have more programming (inside and outside) to give more people places to go and things to do. We try our Best to Listen to the fans to make this an Amazing Experience!

2016 Special Comic Book Creators & Celebrity Guests Already Signed Up

Best known for his Amazing work on "The Simpson" and "Futurama" comics, Tone has been a professional comic book artist for almost 20 years. He is a self taught artist that has worked for Marvel, DC and Image, he also worked with Kurt Russell and John Carpenter on the classic "Snake Plisskin" (Escape Fron New York) comics.
Mike Kazaleh has had a long career working in comic books and animated cartoons. He began by producing low budget commercials and sales films out of his tiny studio in Detroit, Michigan. Mike soon moved to Los Angeles, California and since then he has worked for most of the major cartoon studios and comic book companies. He has worked with such characters as The Simpsons, Futurama, The Flintstones, Mighty Mouse, Krypto the Superdog, Ren and Stimpy, Cow and Chicken, Annoying Orange, Breadwinners, and Bugs Bunny, as well as creating his own independent comics like The Adventures of Captain Jack. Before all that, Mike was a television repairman.

Derek is the Eisner nominated writer of Batman: Lil Gotham. He has also written and illustrated a lot of comics for DC (Arkham City: Endgame, Arkham Unhinged, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, Looney Tunes), IDW (Dexters Laboratory, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The New Animated Adventures), and for BOOM (Adventure Time, Regular Show, Clarence).

Nate Watson (now a resident of Bakersfield) has worked in comics for over 10 years. he has worked on Grimm Fairy tales, Laura Croft, Scream Queen, Star Trek and is best known for his beautiful work on Toy Stry for Disney/Boom Comics. He just got off work as a designed for Lucas Animation as a designer for the "Star\ wars Detours" animation series coming soon. He is currently woring with Mark Waid on a digital comic (Can't tell you about it yet) as well as his own, creator owned comic call "Runner". He is also hoping to become a mainsty figure at our local "First Friday" scene.

Ken Thomas (aka Lazy Bones) of Lazy Bones Studios. I love the to write, create and even draw at times, though my failing vision has the latter severely limited. The entire Comic Book Scene is Magic to Me. The biggest, best factor of this adventure is the people. Without them none of this would exist! I love them all and owe them much thanks and am eternally grateful. LBS (Lazy Bones Studios) Titles Include: The Tale of a Well Hung Man, Anne Frankenstein: Origin, Triple Iron Cross Over, Anne Frankenstein: Nazi Hunter, Twist-Id Tales From Lazy Bones Studios and Bum Hunters Vs Bumpires (as seen in The Creepy KOFY Movie Time Comic #1, an anthology of horror stories published by Acme Ink). The titles in the creation stage are many as well as varied. I hope they are accepted as well as the previous titles were.

Cartoonist/Author Lonnie Millsap, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He began to draw at an early age and lists Charles Schulz (Peanuts), Sergio Aragones (Mad Magazine) and Johnny Hart (Wizard of Id) as his earliest influences. Millsap's later influences include Gary Panter (Jimbo), Matt Groening (Simpsons, Life in Hell), John Callahan and Gahan Wilson. He released his first book of single panel cartoons in 2010, titled ‘My Washcloth Stinks!’, which was promptly ordered by Barnes and Noble. In 2011 he released his second collection of cartoons titled ‘I Hate My Job!’. He followed up with ‘I Stepped On A Duck!’ in 2012 and ‘My Pickle Tastes Funny!’ in January 2014. Millsap's cartoon currently appears three times weekly at and his work has been endorsed by such noteworthy cartoonists as Sergio Aragones, Keith Knight, Gary Panter, Scott Shaw, Johnny Ryan and 'Bizarro' cartoonist Dan Piraro. His highly anticipated collection of cartoons titled ‘I Asked For A Fork!’ was released in June 2015.

Radio personality, artist, writer, publisher and Kern County native, Dale Berry has worked in comics since 1986. His company, Myriad Publications, currently produces the supernatural fantasy series,Tales of the Moonlight Cutter, whose graphic novels have been optioned for film & TV development.
Most recently, Dale was invited to create a short visual story for Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, becoming the first comic book artist to appear in that publication's history. It's set to appear nation-wide this November, in their special Christmas Holiday issue.
His work can be found in the BCC Charity Raffle, and on-line at

Mike Hampton has worked as a writer/artist/cartoonist/colorist for the past 20 years creating an amazing fan base... And is best known for his "Hot Zombie Chicks" series.

George The Giant is not a larger than life performer because of his size, though he stands an impressive seven foot three inches in height. It might be because it has been mentioned; George is one of the most complete sideshow performers today, by performers and audiences alike.
The giant appeared as Colossus in Tim Burtons movie "Big Fish", and some not so known movies like "Tough Luck", "Firecracker", or "Relative Strangers" his television appearances, include "The Tonight Show," "Touch By An Angel", "Americas Got Talent", and most recently "Big Giant Swords" and many others, not to mention his appearances on CNN, The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, and The Travel Channel.
George The Giant was born and raised in a small city near Los Angels called Bakersfield. When at the age of twelve he was taken to the county fair where he witnessed a sword swallower and fire-eater perform on the bally stage. George could barely believe what the human body could accomplish. We would love to say at that instant GEORGE THE GIANT was released upon the world, but that was not the case, it did start his love of the sideshow though. It wasn't till George was twenty-one before he started to learn the sideshow art. That path was started when a family tragedy caused him to have a fear of fire. He decided he would over come his fear the same way he over came his fear of heights... head on. In the case of his fear of heights he bungee jumped, for this of fire, he would learn fire eating. While researching fire eating he discovered descriptions of other sideshow stunts and started learning them also.
George has had the opportunities to travel around the world performing his brand of entertainment in all types of venues from nightclubs to libraries. He has also been in publications ranging from "The National Enquirer" to "Vogue" George The Giant is your all around performer.


Ashleymarie Sey Lively of Sey Studios is local multi-medium professional artist. Her work has been featured on Conan O'Brien, the Pin Up Magazine, OC Weekly, Bakersfield Californian, and galleries all over the United States. She actively exhibits in shows and cons. Sey freelances and sells her hand painted name paintings on Etsy ( and works on graphic design and illustrative work for the public and private sector. Sey also is a skilled paper cut artist and her work has won Bakersfield Magazine's cover for the Go Red issue the last two years and the original art has been auctioned off and proceeds all go to the American Heart Association. Her passion is to create art that makes all ages smile and focus on the positive moments of life. She loves to name paint because it gives her the freedom to create inspired pieces for fans that are original and unique. She will have original mini sketches and limited edition signed prints available at her booth as well as taking orders for live name art.

Stephanie Lesniak has managed and designed for some of the most successful animated television shows and comic books to date. As a talented designer, she single handedly pencils, inks, and colors all of SCRAP PICTURES art content.
She has worked with many animation studios that have included CARTOON NETWORK and KLASKY CSUPO INC. Some of the most recent TV film credits she has are for work done on SQUIRREL BOY, THE MARVELOUS MISADVENTURES OF FLAPJACK, and REGULAR SHOW.
Before she was in the animation Biz she was in the comic business serving as a Graphic Designer at TOP COW PRODUCTIONS INC. She was responsible for developing and creating book layouts, logo designs, and ad designs for such titles as WITCHBLADE, TOMB RAIDER, BATTLE OF THE PLANETS, WANTED, and THE DARKNESS, among others.
Stephanie has also inked, drawn, and colored for many independent graphic novels and has made a few appearances in various film documentaries involving how to break into the comic book industry.
Stephanie is an illustration graduate of Art Center College of Design.

Aidan Casserly is the creator, writer, and artist of the comic SCAPULA. First published in 2007, Scapula is the outrageous ongoing series about the World's Worst Villain. The webcomic updates four days a week at
Aidan currently works as a storyboard artist, caricaturist, illustrator, and animator. He is also the author/artist of Dada Hyena's Creature Show, an annual publication of horror and monster artwork.


Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (With After Hours Programming)
Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Exhibitor Room OPEN!

Sunday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Join Us for the 7th Annual CHARITY RAFFLE! This is an important event that will be going on all day. We will have some very nice items we will be raffling off, including... A Framed Alex Ross Batman print, Some great H/B Comic Books, Graded Comics, Vintage Comics, More signed pieces and Original Art. 100% of ALL FUNDS Raised go to the BAkersfield Rescue Mission Food Drive.
Here are the simple rules...
*Must be present to win, If you are not present at 4:00pm, we will draw another ticket.
*You can buy as many tickets as you wish.
*If you want to try to win any one certain lot, you can put all your tickets into that lot.
*All Prizes will be donated by Bakersfield Comic-Con or local vendors.

10:00 am to 5:00 pm Both Sat. & Sun.
Have you ever wanted to play a real life video game! With Real Escape you can! You and 4 of your friends team up to solve a series of puzzles find clues and escape the room before the time runs out. Teams will have 30 minutes to explore the surroundings and solve the puzzle in this exciting living attraction. Only $15.00 to Join this Amazing adventure!

11:00 am to 12:00 pm

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

4:00 - 5:00
Thats Right Fans.. Come dressed up as your favorite Comic Book, Fantasy, Game, Cartoon or Fiction Hero or Villain!
As always we encourage Cosplay and Costumes... but this year we are going to Have a Prize for the best ones. All Costumes will be Judged by Our Celebrity and Artist Guests.
We will have multiple Prizes for Multiple Categories
Prizes Include...
Adult: Best Costume 1st Place $100.00
2nd Place $40.00
3rd Place $10.00 ea

Adult: Fan Favorite 1st Place $ 20.00

Children: (15 & Under) 1st Place $25.00
2nd & 3rd Place $10.00 ea

Children: Fan Favorite 1st Place $10.00

NO: Nudity or Heckling
Costumes can be home made and store bought
Extra points for creativity
Props can be used, Be respectful of others
Must registered the day of show. Sign up at the Registration.
Must be a paid attendee of the convention.
Children's category is for ages 15 and under.
Adult's category is for ages 16 and up.
Couples costumes or group costumes will be counted as one entry.

At (about) 4:30 pm, (After the Costume Contest) Come take pictures with the Fans, and EVERYONE IN COSTUME is invited to take a group "photo shoot" to be used on the BFCC website and Face Book for all to see.


As ALways, PALADIN GAME CASTLE, THE GAMING SPOT and PRO LAB will be bringing the best in CCG, Video and more. There will be Demo's and Tournaments of all kinds. Below is a List of all the gaming going on this year.



The Horsemen of Judgment Keep or "Horsemen" are a war band primarily located in the Kingdom of Caid. The Horsemen of Judgment Keep will be coming to the show in full gear. They will be set-up in the besdie the convention center ... Make sure to go by and see them.
The Horsemen are an organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. Our "Known World" consists of 20 kingdoms, with over 30,000 members residing in countries around the world. Members, dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, attend events which feature tournaments, royal courts, feasts, dancing, various classes & workshops, and more.



Here is just one of the 2 or 3 different Limited Edition Prints that will be given away to the 1st 500 Paid Admissions.


All Door Prizes will be donated by local retailers and the show.


As usuall. I will be contacting as many industry people as I can for promotional material to give to the fans that attend.


I would also like to Thank the fans of Bakersfield who came to our first 7 shows and helped make it one of the Best show I have ever attended. The Energy and Happiness went beyond anything I could have imagined... Thank You!.

And MORE to Come!

So keep checking this website for more details

There will be dealers from all over selling everything from Golden Age Comics, Original Comic Art, Posters, T-Shirts, Back Issue Comics, New Comics, Manga, Beanies, Pokemon and Lots More!

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